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Understanding How Key Locks Work

A key lock is known as a key lock because you can’t unlock it devoid of the right key. The lock has a cylinder inside it which generally runs through the doorknob and into the door. Inside the cylinder there is a tang. The only purpose of the tang is to put off the doorknob from being turned when you lock the door. For the door to open the tang should rest fully inside the cylinder. Locksmith Staten Island is fully skilled when it comes to lock and key mechanism.   Pins and Tumblers   If your lock is a cylinder lock, it has a common of five pairs of pins. The different pairs rest in the shafts and they start below the cylinder.   Tang   As mentioned, the tang is the one that averts the door from opening when you lock it. When you put in the key and you are able to turn the cylinder, the cylinder turns the cam. Tribulations with Key Locks   Just like any other lock, key locks have a number of tribulations that face them. One of the major tribulations that they have is rusting. This is particularly if the lock has come into contact with water. If your lock has rust you should oil it and it will start working usually.          ...