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Avoid Being Ripped Off by Phony Locksmiths in Bloomingdale

You and thousands of others who may have called a locksmith when keys were locked in the car or a home door lock stopped working may have unwittingly been the victim of a phony locksmith. In fact, if trying to find a locksmith, Bloomingdale residents may find that there is an epidemic of fake locksmiths in the area. If this is the case, what can an average person possibly do to prevent being ripped off by these scam artists? The first step is not to be misinforming by any Yellow Pages ad placed by a locksmith. Bloomingdale residents shouldn’t be overly impressed by enormous ads. It is simple to suppose that a large ad means a company is reputable, is doing high-quality business and can afford to pay for that ad. But phony locksmiths may easily find that the large ad is worth the money if it draws plenty of customers. Even if they do shoddy work, they make money by the sheer number of people who are fooled by those large ads and believe they’ll be getting good service. So don’t go on the size of an ad and also be wary of internet ads. Phony locksmiths often put fake addresses on the internet, even though they may have someone answering the phone (perhaps someone who is really in a home or answering from a call center, not an office). The fake locksmiths give the impression of having a storefront when they aren’t paying a dime for rent, utilities, real estate taxes or anything associated with a real store front. It takes little effort to put ads online...