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Home Security Tips and Advice

Getting better your residential security is based around making your residence less of an attractive choice to intruders and burglars. Any feature of an extra security that will hinder their progress and particularly make your residence impassable will bring you extra security and composure. Locksmith White Plains can give you various tips and advice for strengthening your residential security.

Residential security tips are as follows:

Never take it for granted that you live in a “nice locality” and that you don’t know of any neighbors who have had their homes broken in to.

Make sure all doors are double locked when you leave your residence. Doors with simple latches are very easy for intruders to break in to and double locking, dead bolts or chains are the only way to make sure your door cannot be opened in a matter of seconds.

Always close and if probable lock your windows when you go out or also even whenever they are not in use

Keep an extra set of residential keys somewhere safe, e.g. with a trusted family member who lives locally in case you pop out and not recall your keys. Never leave a set of keys in any supposedly hidden and safe place outside your residence as this is certainly one of the things an opportunist is bound to come across.

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