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Choosing the Right Style of Lock | IL

Choosing the Right Style of Lock

When choosing the correct type of steel commercial door for your task, one of the hardware components you must always think about is the lock style. With doors, you have two alternatives, either a mortise lock or a schlage mortise cylinder. The only way to make a decision on which is the most accurate for any project is to know the difference.

Modern mortise style locks are by far the more protected of the two, but tubular locks are far more accepted, mainly among residential settings. There are lots of reasons to explain this difference, including the easy set up one has over the other. On the other hand, to really know which lock is accurate for you, you must know what each way entails.

Innovative mortise locks feature a deep cut in the door. This cut offers ample room for a mortise to slide within the pocket. This deep pocket offers unmatched protection. Because of this special, deep cut trait, doors need to be particularly prepared to handle this style of lock. This includes using a mortise saw to cut into the door.

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