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Choosing Latest Door Locks | IL

Choosing Latest Door Locks

When choosing the latest door lock, the first thing you must remember to do is preferably one with the same brand. Doing so will eliminate having to carve out new notches or drilling new holes in your door. Just ensure not to damage the door too much when you are forcing it to unlock. Locksmith Alexandria must be updated for installing innovative locks.

It also helps if you can bring the old door lock with you when you buy an innovative lock for your door. To remove the lock, the initial thing you need to do is open your door, giving you access to all of its screws. Remove the screws holding the doorknob to the door lock. You can usually be seen on the side of the door which is found inside your residence.

Usually, these screws are all you require to take the doorknob off but if the doorknob does not slide off easily then look for a small button just behind the base of the shaft holding on to the knob. Push on the button using a flat head screwdriver and the knob and the shaft holding it should just pop off. You should be left now with the doorknobs faceplate. Just slide in your screwdriver and pop off the faceplate.

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